KSIP Agro was founded in 2013 by Kiran Rahal as a family-run company, to provide the world with Indonesia’s finest fruits and vegetables. To achieve our vision in being one of the most prominent fresh produce exporters in the region, we continuously improve our services by ensuring efficiency in every value-added processes throughout each step in our supply chain.

To establish a world-class product lineup, we guarantee that our fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally cultivated in suitable conditions by our trusted produce partners. We strongly opted against the usage of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or unlawful substances that may risk the health of our end-users.

From the hands of local farmers, we transport the products to our state-of-the-art packaging facilities, where products are packed with high-quality packaging materials to keep them fresh. We take absolute concern in delivering our produces to our loyal customers in an efficient and timely manner. This could only be achieved by employing highly experienced workforces.

Our main range of fresh fruits includes mangosteen, mango, red pitaya (dragon fruit), salak (snakeskin fruit), passion fruit and leech lime. We also provide durian, rambutan, melon, papaya, soursop, pineapple and banana.

As for vegetables, we mainly export honey sweet potato, purple sweet potato, fine haricot green bean, young ginger, edamame and petai beans. Aside from those, baby corn, watercress, long bean, round cabbage, potato and cherry tomato are also available.